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May 31 2016
Community Library Managers Meeting: County
01:30PM - 03:30PM
May 31 2016
Women's History Exhibit Welcome
07:00PM - 09:00PM
Jun 01 2016
Preschool Story Time: County
10:30AM - 11:30AM
Jun 02 2016
Books and Babies: County
10:30AM - 11:30AM


On October 30, 1967, the thirty members if the Mt. Jackson Book Club established a community library.  At that time, the only facility available was a room at the Triplett Business and Technical Institute. Because the room was shared with a cosmetology class, the library was unable to be open to the public during school hours.

The first year the library opened, with Miss Julia Fansler and Miss Anna Tisinger providing leadership and inspiration to an inexperienced volunteer staff, the book collection totaled 600 volumes.

In the ensuing years, the club became anxious to re-locate. In 1979, it received permission from the Town Council to move into the rear room of the newly acquired Community Center.  The Council allocated funds to pay for all the utilities.  In addition, the library began receiving a yearly grant from the Shenandoah County Board of Trustees.  Beginning on July 1, 1997, the Mt. Jackson Community Library became a member of the Shenandoah County Library System which meant increased funding from the County and access through the System to State funds as well. A computer network linked Mt. Jackson to the County Library in Edinburg and the other community libraries. A fax machine and a fully integrated library automation system were also provided. A delivery service between the libraries n the system  was established.

Expanded hours and more convenient location fostered greater use of the library. In 1982, the library was cleft from the club.  Now it is an independent body, administered by a Board of Trustees appointed from the entire community.

Each summer, a special programs are conducted for young children, during which they are entertained and enthralled by guest speakers or performers, story hours, games and varied activities based on topics of special interest to their age level.

The library invites members of the community who have not already done so to join the Mt. Jackson Community Library and the Shenandoah County Library System and welcomes to the volunteer staff any who share an interest in providing education and learning for all ages.


TOGETHER, we can embody the commitment of our entire community to promoting a better life for its members.

TOGETHER, we can establish a partnership dedicated to enriching the lives of our members through reading
           - for pleasure
           - to acquire and hone skills
           - to become informed citizens

A LIBRARY serves the public: however, its degree of success is directly related to the measure of support it receives fro the public it is committed to serving.

A LIBRARY is an important source of family recreation and education.  But a library is comprised of far more than a treasury of books.  First of all, a library is its membership.  It is a dedicated staff and an informed Board of Trustees.  Make a commitment: become a member of the library system.

Signature Collections:
The Library has an in-depth current popular fiction collection and is building an extensive Large Print Collection.  It's Signature Collections are Art, Gardening, Health and Local History.

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