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Shenandoah County Library Foundation

The mission of the Shenandoah County Library Foundation is to mobilize support for and seek contributions to a modern library system which will give the citizens of Shenandoah County continuing access to an enlarged range of information and enjoyment, improving and enhancing their lives.  This effort has helped provide for a countywide library system, a new County Library building, an upgrading of local libraries, and new and expanded services for library users.

History: The Foundation was established in 1997 by the Library Board to raise money in addition to the county and state funds that make up 90% of the funding for the County Library. The Foundation promotes and supports the Shenandoah County Library System in all activities. Through normal gifts and an Annual Giving program, funds are raised for use by the County Library and the Member Libraries in programs, services, materials, and capital expenditures.

The Foundation's Annual Fund Drive: The Foundation conducts an Annual Fund Drive each year during the fall on a theme selected by the Library Board.  The themes have been: Community Libraries (1997), Book Endowment Fund (1998), Children’s Programs (1999), Genealogy (2000), Community Libraries (2001), It’s a Sound Investment (2002), Bringing the Library to the People (2003), Connecting with Teens @ the Library (2004), Community Libraries (2005), Exercise Your Mind (2006), and Our Olde House (2007), Stay Connected (2008), Community Libraries (2009), and Keep Our Libraries Open (2010).

Donations to the Library Foundation may be sent to:

Shenandoah County Library Foundation
514 Stoney Creek Blvd.
Edinburg, VA 22824

The Foundation's Book Endowment Fund provides revenue from the income earned for the County Library to supplement it materials budget.  Donations of $500  in honor or memory of an individual or individuals guarantees that every year in perpetuity a book will be added to the collection with a bookplate designating the individual or individuals.  The Foundation would like to establish as a local tradition remembering individuals who have died with a contribution to the Book Endowment Fund as an alternative to flowers. In December of 2007 1,600 shares of Shentel were donated to BEF for children's books, and in 2009 the Library will begin receiving $1,600 each year.

The Foundation also has a Technology & Training Endowment that is primarily used to support public access.  The library system maintains over 50 public access computers.  Where the system relies on the County for circulation, catalog and staff computers, it relies on the Foundation to supply most of the hardware for patrons to use to access the Internet at the library.  The Foundation hopes to build this endowment to a point where it can replace at least half of the public access computers over each four years.

Supporters of the Foundation now have the option of making a contribution as part of their Virginia Income Tax returns.  One simply designates a portion of their Tax Return to the Foundation that is listed among the eligible recipients.

The Foundation's most recent commitment contribution was to cover the costs associated with of the Wide Area Network and fiber installation.

Foundation Directors
President: Sandy Pruett
Vice President: Keith Stickley
Treasurer: Suzanne Roulston
Secretary: LauraMary Ryan
Director: Amy Beth Helsley
Director: Malinda K. Johnston
Director: Dan Specht
Director: Jean Klinge
Director: Larry Strawderman
Director: Gordon Bowman III
Director: Beverley Fleming
Director: Janet Wagniere

Emeritus Director, Bruce Wallinger

Ex officio members
Hank Zimmerman, Chair, Library Board
Robert Whitesides, Director Shenandoah County Library

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