Reading is an integral part a child's personal and educational development.  We encourage all parents to read to their children.  It is never too early or too late to start! Keep reading to find out about some of the great resources we have in the library for parents and children. Contact Diane Cary, Children's Specialist, for more information about children's programs and resources.

Resources for Parents: The County Library has several collections that parents will find helpful.  Check out the Parent/Teacher Resource Collection and the Audio/Book Kits.  There is a collection of Literacy Bags for use by institutions and member libraries.

Parenting Wisely: This highly interactive parenting program is now available at the County Library.  Come by and you will be given a handbook which will then walk you through the computer program step by step.  You get to keep the handbook and walk away with new, effective parenting skills!

Guided Reading Levels: Students in elementary school in Shenandoah County are evaluated on their reading progress using Guided Reading levels, so most students know their reading level or can easily find it out.  Check out these Leveled Book Lists--you can search a book by author, title, or find books by grade level/guided reading level.  This is a great resource for matching a kid to a book that they can read successfully and the books listed are familiar trade books found in libraries.

Other Helpful Links for Parents

  • Parenthood Magazine Online
  • Amazing Moms
  • Family Education
  • iVillage Parenting Page
  • Safe Surfing Guide
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