The Museum of Online Museums

If you plan on surfing the Web this summer instead of actual waves, be sure to visit “The Museum of Online Museums,” a great collection of links to all sorts of digitized collections.  You’ll find the tried-and-true represented, of course—works from the National Portrait Gallery and the Museum of Modern Art can be accessed from here, for instance—but the fun lies in browsing collections that are off the beaten track.  If you’re a fan of vintage advertising, take a look at USASODA, which collects pictures of soda drink items produced across the years.  If you’re an “arts and crafts” person, you might enjoy the “Treasury of Macramé Owls” Web site, which is neither more nor less than its name suggests.  As with all things Internet, you may find that some links don’t work, or some sites are not to your liking, but just as with any good museum experience, you may also discover a new passion.  Who knew that Radio Shack catalogs could be so intriguing?