The Henkel Physicians in New Market

Have you stopped by to see our  exhibition about the Henkel family physicians? The Henkels were a prominent family in New Market during the 19th century with a legacy still alive today. Through the end of the month, the library system is hosting this exhibition made possible by the National Library of Medicine. The panels focus on the correspondence of Casper Coiner Henkel, owner of the still-standing C.C. Henkel House in New Market and physician in Stonewall Jackson’s brigade during the Civil War. The letters are available online at the National Library of Medicine’s website, and even more information is available in 1861: Life in the Shenandoah Valley by Henkel descendants Janet Ramsey and Elsie Newcomer.

The exhibition is in Edinburg through May 17, and will be in New Market from May 18 through the end of the month. Stop by either location and take a look. Want to know even more about the Henkels? Take a few minutes to watch a video introduction to the exhibition by local historian Dr. Betty Karol Wilson.