Teen Book Finder Mobile App

The Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) is a division of the American Library Association dedicated to improving library services to teens.  As part of this mission, YALSA has released an app for iPhone and iPad that will be of use to anyone looking for teen-appropriate books:  “Teen Book Finder.” With this free app, you’ll be able to browse for teen books in a variety of ways, including genre and “best of” lists, and you can be assured that the included titles have been recognized by critics, librarians, and readers alike as being especially noteworthy.  As with all new software, some features of “Teen Book Finder” could be improved–the “Find It” option is not particularly precise–but overall, the app is effective in offering quick access to recommended teen reads.  The iPhone/iPad app is available via the iTunes App Store, and an Android version will be available via Google Play later this year.