Snapshot Virginia – A Day at the Library

Snapshot Virginia

Do you have one day each week that you visit the library? Chances are that you do. Chances also are that “library day” includes things like checking out books and movies, maybe attending a program and jumping online for a few minutes to play games, catch up with friends, or checking YouTube for the most up-to-date information on vacuuming your cat.

Did you ever stop to think about what “library day” means for everyone else? What does it all add up to? That’s the question we’re trying to answer on Tuesday, 4/17 as we participate in Snapshot Virginia with other libraries throughout Virginia.

So what do you need to to? Just show up! We’ll be counting how many books are checked out, how many hours our computers get used, and what kinds of questions we’re answering at the library (e.g. “what’s the best way to vacuum my cat?). We’ll also be taking pictures of smiling faces at our locations and sharing the best ones at the Snapshot Virginia Flickr page. We love the library and we know that you do too. Make this Tuesday your library day this week and help us spread the news about all the great things we do every day!

One more thing – if you love the library, take a moment to tell us why. We’ll pass it along as part of the Snapshot project.