Route 11 Yard Crawl Nets Record Sum for Library!

For the third year in a row there has been a huge outpouring of support from the Route 11 Yard Crawl buyers at the library’s booth in downtown Edinburg.  Donna Smith, our volunteer extraordinaire who spearheads this event for the library, spent many hours throughout the year collecting goods for the “crawl” that happens the second weekend of August in Shenandoah County.  In 2010 the sale earned $1033.  Last year it more than doubled that amount to $2130. And this year proceeds from the three days of selling were an astounding $2,938!  Nearly all was sold, INCLUDING the kitchen sink!  Donna had the help of her regular volunteers—Marlene Spindler, Sue Horne, Mo Eisen, Bobbie Sainz, Kaitlin Mantz , teens, and library staff—as well as son Andrew and husband Bill.  In fact, Bill joked that for those four days of moving, unpacking, and repacking he would be known as “Mr. Donna Smith”.  Bill and Andrew set up tables and canopies, ferried boxes from library to gazebo to yard, covered everything with plastic during the rains, uncovered and boxed the leftovers, and counted the proceeds.  After the final tally was done, Donna arrived at the library to hand over the hard-earned money to Cathy Stuter.

A decision was made last year to earmark the proceeds to fund programs for TAG, the Teen Advisory Group founded by Adult Services Librarian, David Robinson.  It was natural, then, that Robinson was able—with the promise of pizza—to entice some of the members to help move items from the Stone House basement to the lawn of Library Trustee member, Bobbie Sainz.  Pictured at left below is Donna getting assistance carrying items up from the basement and at right are Ben, David, and Tim Edelman, Damion Gilmore, and Hunter Bowers loading the truck.  Hooray for Donna, volunteers, and teens for a job well done!  Please clear your calendars for next August and watch for Donna’s pleas for help.  It’s a big fundraiser that could use many more hands to make light work.