Laptop Security and Recovery

We’re all aware how much the cost of portable computing devices hits our wallet.  Cellphones, tablets, and laptops can be very expensive.  This also applies to the data they hold.  You can have all your personal identity saved away that would be easy to use for identity theft.  What options would you have if your device was lost or stolen?  There are frequent news reports of people tracking down a stolen phone or laptop and being able to call the police with proof.  These services usually cost an annual fee that can be quite prohibitive.  Now a security company has a FREE solution that let’s you track, monitor, and remotely control you devices through a website.

The website is ““.  After downloading the software and installing it on your device, you’ll also register with their site.  The site allows you to set options or activate items on the remote device.  You can do neat things like taking pictures through your device’s camera, getting a picture of what’s on the screen, showing the GPS location of the device, etc.  If someone is using your device, you can gather information and evidence.  Prey Project also offers a Pro version with more options, but the Free version is enough to pinpoint where your laptop is, take pictures of through the camera, see what the person is doing with the computer.  Once you have the location and evidence, you can contact the police and let them attempt recovery.