FTC Mandated Free Credit Report

By law, the Federal Trade Commission requires the three credit reporting agencies to provide free access to your credit report on an annual basis.  Unfortunately, these companies have used the promise of a free credit report as lure to charge consumers for additional financial products.  You’ve seen the commercials on television and the advertisements on countless webpages.  What should have been a free report ends up costing money if you go through the websites they advertise.  Don’t fall for it!

Via the FTC’s Website, you can find a link to the proper site:


After going to that site and starting the process, you will be asked for to fill out a form. After submitting that form, you will receive instructions on how the steps will proceed through the three credit reporting agencies (TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax).  Each site will ask a few questions pertaining to your banking history, financial history, and/or place(s) of residence to verify identity.  Once verified, the site will the present you with your credit report and you will be given the opportunity to print it.  You also have the opportunity to learn about correcting mistakes, disputing entries, etc. with that company.  When finished with a site, you click a button to let annualcreditreport.com know you are ready to proceed to the next agency.  After you’ve gone through all three…you’re done.  Please be aware that the sites can still try to sell credit score reports and other services to you BUT purchasing these products is not required to get your report.