Find Something to Read

It won’t be long before the cooler weather of fall is here, and with more time spent indoors, you may find yourself looking for good books to read. If so, the Shenandoah County Library can help.

In addition to the recommendations that are always available from its staff and volunteers, the library provides access to two online resources that can help you locate that next great read.


The newest addition to the library’s growing list of databases, eSequels performs one specific task extremely well: tracking novels that form part of a series. This easy-to-use site allows you to search by author, title, character, location or setting, and subject.

With eSequels, you can find a series that suits your interests—Amish romances, for instance, or Scandinavian mysteries—and determine the order in which books should be read to maintain story continuity.

Alternately, if you have an individual title you suspect to be part of a series, you can find out which novels come before and after it. With information even on forthcoming titles, eSequels is a great resource for organizing your reading. Give the database a try by clicking here.


Long a part of the library’s online resources, NoveList continues to be a reader’s best friend. Here, in addition to information on what comes next in a particular series, you’ll find genre-based reading lists for all ages and guides that can be used in book clubs.

So, if you’d like to find historical romances that are directed to teens, NoveList will provide not only a list of recommended titles but also plot summaries and indicators of reading-levels. Likewise, if you’re interested in leading a discussion of a novel, you’ll find concise background material and focused questions that will help you manage a group meeting.

Perhaps the best feature of NoveList is its “Author Read-alike” option. Simply type in the name of a favorite novel, click the “Author Read-alike” link, and choose a new favorite from a list of similar titles.

To begin exploring the database, click here. If you’re browsing from home, please use your library card number to log in.