eReader News

Interested in checking out e-books from the library? If so, you might wonder whether you should use an E-Ink reader, or a tablet. Don’t worry, we get this question a lot!

Until now, an important difference between E-Ink and tablet devices has been their suitability for outdoor and nighttime reading.  With no glare-prone backlighting, E-Ink devices such as the Nook Simple Touch and the Kindle Keyboard promise a “just like paper” experience, making them a great choice for reading in direct sunlight.  However, this absence of backlighting also has meant that readers hoping to enjoy their favorite novel at bedtime need to supply their own light, relying on the uneven rays of a booklight or the sleep-disturbing brightness of a bedside lamp.

So do nighttime readers need a tablet? Maybe not. Barnes and Noble has developed a potentially game-changing device:  the illuminated E-Ink device.  The Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight maintains the anti-glare qualities of a traditional eReader but adds the option of an adjustable, evenly-distributed light that originates from LEDs housed within the device’s frame.  The device doesn’t go on sale until May 1, but it is already garnering great reviews, such as this one from tech site Gizmodo.

The best news is that the new Nook is fully compatible with the library’s downloadable eBooks. Of course, if you still can’t decide between tablet or e-ink, just stop on by the library sometime. We’ll be happy to answer questions, or schedule a time to let you have some hands-on experience with both types of devices that we have as part of our “Technology Petting Zoo.” Whether on paper, computer screen, or portable device, we’re always here to help you have a happy reading experience!