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Internet’s Social Corkboard…Pinterest

There are many types of social platforms out there on the Internet.  Some attempt to be all encompassing tools to handle every minute kind of communication and sharing between people.  These types of sites want to be the end all be all place for people to spend their time on the Internet.  Others scale down things to let interaction happen quickly and in a concise way.  These types want you to visit briefly, share something, and then move along.  Pinterest falls into this latter category.

Pinterest acts as a community corkboard for the Internet.  It is a place to share photos for the world to see.  People simply post or “pin” a topic/picture into a Pinterest category, caption it, and leave a short comment.  Once something has been pinned, it is available for viewing and commenting by others.  Where this is profound is the population of the community that is using it skews to a primarily female audience.  Having this demographic as an audience means that Pinterest is rapidly becoming the “it” destination of the moment for women to share common interests.

Posts tend to focus on sharing crafts, inspirational photos, room makeovers, etc. This kind of social platform creates a “side article in a magazine” feel with the community as a whole serving as editors.  End result a nice place to stop and spend some time when surfing the web.

Code Academy - Welcome

The Year to Learn Code – Code Academy

2012 has been dubbed the “Year to Learn Code”. Using Code or coding is becoming more common in the workplace. Different computer languages can be used for coding, but the underlying understanding of coding is the desired understanding.These are skills employers are beginning to expect their employees to have.  Website building, application development, and automation are some examples of where you would use coding skills. One expert has likened coding comprehension to being the new Latin.  If one understands Latin, a general knowledge of the root of modern languages can be obtained.  Likewise with understanding how to code.

If you want to participate in the “Year to Learn Code”, there are several ways to get started.  First up is the excellent Code Academy website.  There you will be exposed to a tutorial that you can try out without registering.  Once registered, more advanced courses and weekly exercises become available.  There are other websites available with tutorials and articles available.  Books are also an excellent resource; PHP, Perl, Javascript are examples of subjects the would cover the topic.