– Find those old family recipes and even some new ones

So you’re at this dinner party and your hostess has served this great dish.  You’ve simply got to have it since it will be perfect to make for another function you’re attending next month.  You ask for the recipe but, instead of taking it as a compliment and saying they’ll write it down for you later, you receive a coy “it’s my aunt’s secret recipe, I can’t give it out” in response.  Aside from excusing yourself to go to the restroom and doing a stealth visit to their kitchen to rummage through their recipe cards, what can you do?  Well, their closely guarded secret might be have already been divulged on

The website is a mixture of a comprehensive database of recipes with a dash of user ratings and reviews.  Recipes can be searched for by name, category, or even by some key ingredients.  This last option can let you find out what dishes you could make with what you have available at the moment.  I have personally found it difficult to not find a recipe that fits exactly what I’m searching for; this includes certain people’s secretive aunts.

Once you find a recipe you like, you can adjust the quantity in case you need to prepare more or less than the standard recipe serves.  Printing recipes is straight forward and can be formatted for different sized recipe cards or booklets.  Make sure you read the comments to recipes since they offer great tips or offer some reasons.  Some people have suggested tweaks to recipes.

Using doesn’t require a logon,

but you can set up a user account.  With an account, you can save a list of favorite recipes and also participate in reviewing.  You can also build, organize, and share your recipes.  If you try a recipe onsite, even if it isn’t yours, you can show off your pictures of the finished dish.  Who knows, you might even find a recipe that you’ll have to tell a certain friend is a “family secret.”