80 Years of History – NVD Archives at the County Library

We are pleased to announce a partnership with the publisher of the Northern Virginia Daily to house their entire microfilm archive dating from September, 1932 through February 2012. An important part of the library’s mission is preserving the historical record. Having this collection on loan from the Northern Virginia Daily helps us fulfill that mission.

These issues cover daily life in the county, national and international events, and chronicle the lives of multiple generations of residents. Whether you’re looking for what was in the news on the day you were born, working on a history project, or trying to find an obituary for a family member, these pages are a great place to start your research.

Come out to the County Library in Edinburg and take a look! We have two microfilm machines, and staff available to help you get started. If you find what you’re looking for, you can scan it, print it, save it and even email it to yourself using our digital microfilm station. Want to know what other historical documents we have on microfilm? Make sure to check out our microfilm holdings online before coming in to do your research.