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25 Sources of Free Public Domain Books

Do you have an eReading device and are looking for a way to expand your personal library of digital books?  Spotted over at the website Ebook Friendly is an article listing 25 Sources of Free Public Domain Books.  Some of the Library’s favorites are listed (e.g. Project Gutenberg, Digital Public Library of America) as well as some more obscure (the sparse website: Projekti Lönnrot which provides public domain Finnish and Swedish books).

Public domain books are titles that have entered free use by the public due to their age.  They may be freely and legally copied.  Many are classics and due to the amount of storage space an eBook utilizes, can be easily kept on a device’s Library to beef up your personal reading selection.

Be sure to check the comments at the end of the article to see other readers’ suggested sites beyond the 25 in the article.