1940 Census Released Today

Did you know that the 1940 Census is available starting today? Each U.S. Census has a 72 year mandatory waiting period before the data can be released to the public. What’s in this data?

  • Name, age, and relationship to the head of household for all U.S. residents surveyed
  • Birthplace and education of all residents surveyed
  • residence in 1935, employment status, and wages for all residents surveyed
  • Additional information including parents’ birthplace, veteran status, occupation, for 5% of residents surveyed

Think any of that might be useful in connecting you to your ancestors? An estimated 87% of Americans living today can connect with at least one relative listed in the 1940 Census. Interested? Check out the official 1940 Census Website hosted by the National Archives.

Want to dig deeper? The Shenandoah Room and Truban Archives at the library has plenty more to help you research your ancestors back beyond 1940. We also have census records dating back all the way to 1790 through our Ancestry.com library subscription (in-house use only). Or use Heritage Quest with a valid library card from the comfort of your own home.